What You Should Not Say Before, During or After a Job Interview

What You Should Not Say Before, During or After a Job Interview

There are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to what you should say before, during or after a job interview that you might find it hard not to get caught up in it all. Once you know exactly what you should not say though, you will be able to focus on getting it right.

What Not to Say Before a Job Interview

If you get the call to attend a job interview, here is what you should not be saying before attending.

1. “How Long Will the Interview Take?”

Asking how long the interview will take is not the best idea. If you have other engagements that day, make sure they are changed or in a flexible time frame. You do not want the interviewer thinking you are making other things your priority.

2. “What Should I Bring with Me?”

If they have not asked you to bring anything with you, then do not ask. Some interviewers expect you to take your own initiative on this one. If the job is a role where bringing a portfolio would be applicable, then it is best to bring one, regardless of whether you were asked to.

3. “I Have Had Another Job Offer but I Would Still Like to Attend”

Keep the other job offer under your hat. If you have not said ‘yes’ to the other job and this one is a fantastic prospect, then you might have time to turn the other one down later. The interviewer doesn’t want to feel like they are wasting their time because you already have another job lined up.


What Not to Say During a Job Interview

During a job interview refrain from saying:

1. “My Last Boss Was Awful to Me”

Your interviewer does not know you and has no reason to believe your story about your last boss. There is no need tell them the story of your previous employers or they will wonder whether you or your boss had the problem.

2. “Sorry, I’m Just So Nervous!”

Naturally you will be nervous, but try to come off as confident as you can. If you say you are nervous, your prospective employer might think you are a ‘nervous’ person rather than just nervous at the job interview.

3. “Hmm…I Don’t Know the Answer to That One”

If you say you don’t know the answer, you’re really closing the door on an opportunity to say something that might help you get the job. If the question is really tricky, you are better off asking for a minute to think or having a drink of water before answering.

4. “No Questions, Thanks”

At the end of almost all job interviews, you will be asked if you have any questions. Have one or two pre-prepared questions that you might like to ask. Prepared questions show enthusiasm and that you are really interested in the company.


What Not to Say After a Job Interview

Now that the job interview is done and dusted, here’s what you should not say:

1. “I’m Glad That’s Over!”

It might be because you are nervous, but do not let your future employer know that you are relieved that the interview is over. Instead, let the interviewer know how glad you are that the meeting took place.

2. “When Will I Hear If I Got the Job?”

Refrain from asking this question on your way out. If the interviewer has not told you and you have not hear from the company, wait 48 hours before calling to enquire if you have been given the job.

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