Upgrade Your Personal Image for Your Professional Development

Whether you’re heading out for an interview or just want to put your best face forward in the workplace, your personal image is very important to your professional development. Looking unkempt at work will send the wrong message to your colleague and managers. If you want to convey confidence, gain respect or simply show integrity, follow these three steps to look your best on the job.

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Clean yourself up.

While it may seem obvious, your appearance has a direct correlation to the first impression that you leave in the workplace. If you look unkempt on the job, this includes your hair, nails and general cleanliness, you won’t be taken seriously by those around you. Make sure to consider your work environment; if your office culture is more laid back, it may be acceptable for men to rock a full beard or have long hair, but it’s crucial to ensure the look is neat, clean and intentional. If you work in a more formal environment, nicely styled hair and a clean-shaven face for men will be more appropriate. Either way, with quality shaving products, you can achieve a polished personal image and professional look.

Ladies, the smallest details like maintaining clean and properly manicured nails will go really far in the workplace. It is a clear indication of your attention to detail and desire to maintain a solid image. Showing others that you take pride in how you look, will inadvertently help them realise the pride you take in your work! Especially, if you’re going for a promotion, your personal image will help to build your authority in your next senior position.  Gentlemen, you aren’t exempt from having well-manicured hands either. Always take the time to wash your hands and make sure your nails are clean and cut!

Dress for the job you want.

Surely, you’ve heard this before! If you’re looking to take that promotion within your current organisation or step up to a leadership position in another company, dressing for success daily is extremely important. Your first impression does come from the clothes you wear to work. Even if some workplace cultures may accept jeans and sweatshirts as the daily workwear, you do want to revise your choice of colours and styles carefully to adhere to the team’s appearance. Your personal image plays a role in your success in the modern workplace as appearance does influence performance.  Dressing for the job you want puts you in the mindset of already having the job, which helps you radiate confidence to those around you.

Present yourself professionally.

It doesn’t matter if your boss is also your best friend, it’s important to present yourself as a professional in your workplace. Entering the room with respect towards others, great posture, and a smile on your face will do wonders for your personal image. Smiling and having proper posture while you’re in meetings with others, will help show that you are confident, professional and take your job seriously. Additionally, if you are respectful towards others, especially those below you at your job, they will respect you as their leader.

Confidence is the key

Confidence is what will help you land that promotion, nail the interview, or just gain respect in the workplace. With confidence comes leadership. Leading by example is the best way to bring a positive influence on your work culture and professional image. Your work can often speak for itself, but the way you carry yourself, and the image you portray at work can attribute to the greatest impression. Even when you think no one is watching, be sure to always be on top of your game (that’s when you are noticed the most!)

Your professional presentation is your brand, which should align with your skills, talents and potential in your career development journey. NotedCareers career consultants can guide you to develop your interpersonal and workplace skills to better manage your career and achieve your personal and financial career goals. Request a free career consultation today with one of our experts via 1800 326 422 or visit our contact page.

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