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Understanding Workplace Culture in Australia

Understanding the workplace culture in Australia is vital for all professionals to survive and thrive.

If you want to manage your business or grow your career in an Australian workplace, here is what you should know about the Australian workplace environment:

Australians Are Laid Back but Punctual

A laid back attitude is important to the Australian workplace culture as it promotes the feeling of a relaxing workplace. However, this should not be confused with being late or incompetent. While it is important to maintain some lightness in the workplace, it is still important to be on time to work and attend meetings punctually. It also does not mean you should slip up or fall behind on your work duties.

Keep Work during Work Hours but Do Not Let It Take over Breaks

It is important to switch off from your work after hours or even at lunchtime. Post-work drinks or a casual lunch outside of work gives you the chance to get to know people outside of their job. This can be important whether you are a new employee or you are developing a business relationship.

Most Companies Offer 20 Days of Annual Leave per Year

Most workplaces offer 20 days of annual leave per year. It depends on your career choice, though, as many jobs may offer more leave. While it may not seem like much, remember that flexibility is important in most good workplaces so many employers may offer more than their standard 20 days if you ask for it.

Being a Contributor Is Important

Joining in with social and cultural events is pretty important in Australian workplaces. Sports are a big part of Australian culture and being able to talk about football can help if you are interested in sports. Your office may even have its own sports team and play outside hours. Find mutual interests with others in your workplace and join in on their activities.

Try To Keep Things Short and Sweet

Most Australians like to keep things brief and to-the-point. They feel that this is the best way to stay productive and use the work day well. If excessive talking is dragging out a meeting, you might find people getting frustrated and checking their watch. When you are giving a pitch, a presentation or an update, try and remain clear and do not embellish on what you need to say.

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