job advertisement is fundamental

Understanding The Job Advertisement is Fundamental

Most people can read a job description and job advertisement. However, only a few can thoroughly comprehend the message and interpret the message through their application. That is why only a small number of applicants are invited to the interview round! Job advertisements always carry clear purposes of what employers are looking for. In short, employers mean every word in a job description. Your comprehension and paying attention skill is the first to be tested.

Marie Stockley, a director of NSW local branches for Adecco, provides the low down on what employers are really asking for:

“Addressing the job criteria is crucial. Too often people apply for a job without thinking about what is required.

Read carefully between the lines of a job advertisement to decide if you are right for the position. Knowing what the job requires makes a huge difference to your chances of getting through to the next round.

The move to job advertisements being placed on the internet also means that job descriptions are more in-depth, providing a greater opportunity to tailor your application.”

Below are some common terms and phrases from any job advertisement:

A minimum amount of experience: If an amount of experience is required for the position, employers are seeking someone who has worked in a similar role. If you have a little less than the required years of experience you can still apply, providing you can demonstrate the valuable experience you already have. Ultimately, recruiters want to see that you understand the demands and pressures of the job.

Essential versus preferable: You must address each essential item listed in the job advertisement that you are responding to because recruiters will review applications based on the essential requirements. Generally, recruiters will refer to preferable items if there has been a good response and competition between job applications is intense.

Outgoing and highly motivated candidate required: As this is hard to demonstrate on paper, the best way to go about demonstrating motivation and an outgoing personality is to list some of your work achievements.

Computer literacy: If you are asked about your level of competency, the best approach is to outline your experience with different software packages detailing the version you are most familiar with. Your basic Microsoft Office skill will be clearly shown from your application. Revise and double check your written documents (resume, cover letter, key criteria response…)

Good track record: This means you have to illustrate and prove your skills and experience by providing examples that demonstrate a good track record.

Most job advertisements today do not state which company the position is for, particularly when advertised by a recruitment agency. To find out about the industry the job is in you can call the contact if listed.

(Marie Stockley, The Daily Telegraph, June 19, 2004).
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