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Seminar: Top 3 Interview Questions at SpotJobs Melbourne Career Expo 2018

Saturday 21 July at 1pm

NotedCareers proudly presents an informative seminar for attendees on 21 July at 1pm during Melbourne Career Expo 2018. We are inviting all of you and your friends to join this seminar to gain more insights and knowledge for your next interview preparation.

The Spotjobs Melbourne Career Expo is one of the most comprehensive career expo hosted once per year in Victoria. Now in its 17th consecutive year, the expo is a 3-day event from 20th July – 22nd July 2018. Whether you are still studying or considering a career transition, the expo will be a perfect platform to receive career information and explore your opportunities and potentials.

What is the seminar about?

Presented by NotedCareers’ principal career consultant, Gregory Allen, the topic of the seminar is Top 3 Interview Questions. Start with the most common interview questions, the seminar will reveal the reasons and background behind each question, how to understand and basic steps to prepare for them. The seminar will then extend to cover different categories of interview questions to be expected at various interview stages including phone, in-person and group interviews. In addition, the seminar will also provide other common interview questions with a brief how-to strategy to approach each question.

Providing professionals with the logic behind top 3 interview questions and an extensive understanding of other interview questions, Gregory would like to share more insights and suggested tactics to best prepare for everyone’s next job interview. With his successful background in assisting thousands of clients winning job offers, the seminar will pack with practical information to best equip attendees for their next interviews.


As a proud exhibitor at SpotJobs Melbourne Career Expo 2018, we have received FREE ENTRY TICKETS so that we can share with you all.

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Talk with our career experts

NotedCareers is keen on sharing advice behind preparing for interviews. So please come to our seminar on Saturday (21 July) at 1pm and have a career chat with our career consultants at the Expo. Not just about an interview, we want to help you achieve all your career objectives. For a comprehensive career consultation, call us on 1800 326 422 or request your first FREE consultation here to speed up your career journey.