Top 5 Differences Between a Graduate Program and an Entry Level Position

Sometimes there is no way of really knowing what we want until we experience it, and it is natural to be uncertain when facing big decisions. We can do things to minimise the chances of making a decision that fails to serve us. When it comes to job searching after graduation, a few carefully considered factors can make all the difference to your future.

First steps

Harness the energy and enthusiasm you have after graduating and take this with you into your next endeavour, whatever that may be. Keep moving while you have momentum. Employers like to see that you are off to a running start with fresh ideas and skills in your mind. There are two primary career advice pathways for graduates, and sometimes they can be challenging to tell apart.

So, what are the differences between Graduate Programs and Graduate Jobs?

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Graduate programs

Graduate programs are specifically designed for new graduates who would like fast track their career in a particular industry. Graduate programs are designed to work on the skills recently taught in an academic setting and build on specific career goals and methodologies. Graduate programs are built around industry-specific knowledge and usually collect the top sector of academics for the graduate program.

A graduate program is a structured career pathway. Graduate programs will offer inductions, mentoring, professional development, and senior management and expertise access. Graduate programs take courses over a set period, usually between 1 and 3 years.

Graduate programs offer rotational settings, giving you a range of experiences in the company. It will provide you with a strong understanding of what working with the company and within the industry is like.

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Graduate jobs

Otherwise known as entry-level jobs, graduate positions are designed with graduates in mind and exist across all industry sectors. Graduate jobs are perfect if you have graduated with more than one possibility for your future career and would like to take the time to explore some different working environments.

Entry-level jobs are more open positions where your roles and responsibilities may be varied. You are not entering a structured program of professional development that has been specifically designed but rather applying a more generalised skill set. Some entry-level graduate roles might include administrative assistants, customer service officers and sales representatives.

The workplace you find when you can be different from your particular discipline’s theoretical framework. Sometimes, getting a broad picture of your industry’s current trends and culture before committing to a specific professional development course is a good idea.

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