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These 8 habits are holding you back from moving forward!

The article “8 habits you’d be better off without” offers a valid list of habits to avoid. As your career is part of your life, getting rid of these 8 habits would certainly benefit your career.

1. Complaining

This is the common human habit when you mentally focus on negativity. In response, this habit can only bring more depression and disappointment which then generates more problems. You will also miss the opportunistic side of your current career situation. By the end, you are trapped in a vicious circle of complaining!

2. Gossiping

Gossiping is another common human trait that brings absolutely nothing good, only trouble. Gossiping can easily ruin your working relationships and your professional image. Do not start a gossip unless you want to be a gossiping topic for others. Mind your own business and focus on your job. Your career is worth more than your not-for-good gossips.

3. Procrastination

Procrastination is the number one trap for your misery. “In my experience, procrastination involves some pretty intense anxiety.” Procrastination can also create self-conflict and have a tragic domino effect on your plans. Strategise your career development and plan your career path NOW. You can strat today by sharpening your time management skills. Be strict with yourself and complete your to do list!

4. Incessant business

Your job, business and career are all important parts of your life. This does not mean that work is the only reason you live. You need a work-life balance. Get some time for your personal interests, family and friends. “At the end of my life, will I regret that I did not do more work, or will I regret that I didn’t spend more time really enjoying myself and others?”

5. Spending money on things you do not need

You do not need to be a finance manager to handle your money. Be practical with your needs. Saving your money will free you from have-to-work-more stress.

6. Worrying about what everyone thinks about you

You are better to concern yourself with what you see with your own eyes. Other people are not living your life and certainly will not spend their time thinking about you. Why should you bother worrying? Worries will bring negative thinking and fear. Focus more on what you are doing and your career objectives. If you truly worry about bad image and what others think about you, come and ask them for feedback and improvements.  This will ease your mind!

7. Perfectionism and self-doubt

“Perfectionism is actually Failurism.” This quote sounds legitimate.  When you are a perfectionist, you deny to make mistakes and struggle to face failures, then you create self doubt. Simply, you will never learn and improve. Your career will go backward consequently if you are aiming to be a perfectionist. “If you’re always focusing on the negative, your mind begins to identify with that. Why not try focusing mostly on the positive?”

8. Dwelling on the past and worrying about the future

Last but not least, this is an insidious habit many people have. You learn from the past and you expect for the future, but remember, you only live in the present. Now is the only existing moment to live. The present is all we have, so spend it wisely.

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