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Starting Again In Your Late 20s – Can I Still Achieve Something Worthwhile?

You are almost 30 years old and you start looking back on your life and consider what you have achieved. Maybe you travelled straight after you graduated or put your career on hold for your children. Maybe you went in and out of a few study courses whilst trying to find what you enjoy. Feeling ‘trapped’ at this point can be easy, as though you have left your career too late to make any worthwhile achievement.

This feeling of helplessness can seem overwhelming, but the truth is that you never too late to make a worthwhile achievement. In fact, sometimes the benefits of finding the right career path in your late 20’s can outweigh the benefits of starting young.

Here is why:

The Benefits of Pursuing Your Goals Later

  • When you are older, you are more focused on your goals and are more likely to make your time count.
  • When you know what you want you are less likely to jump from job to job. You will not be wasting any more time.
  • Employers are looking for older, grounded individuals who are not be always looking for ‘something better’. Employers are attracted to mature individuals who are invested in their career choice.

Once you get in the mindset that you are not too late to achieve something worthwhile it really makes the world your oyster. You have life and work experience and now is the time to do what you truly enjoy.

Here are some things you might consider doing:

  • Pursuing further education – If you’re happy in your current field, but now want to push yourself a little further, this might be the time to consider doing your Masters, Ph.D. or other studies that might complement your current work and education experience.
  • Having a career change – You are never too late to change careers and most people have multiple career changes in their lifetime. Consider your interests, look at jobs to match and go from there.
  • Explore personal development – Now is a good time to really dig deep regarding what your values and motivations are. Your career should also reflect what you are as a person. Explore careers that will build you up as a person and that match your personality.

Inspiration for You

If you’re still worried that you have wasted your time remember that time is not the boss of you. Consider these famous faces who found success later in life.

  1. J.K. Rowling was 32 when the first Harry Potter novel was published.
  2. Henry Ford was 45 when he created the Model T car.
  3. Charles Darwin was 50 when ‘On the Origin of Species’ revolutionised the scientific community.
  4. Vera Wang was 40 when she finally pursued her passion for fashion – today she is a leader in the fashion industry.

You are in your prime; now is the time to achieve your goals! If you are looking to pave a new career path or you are a professional who is looking to move up in your career, you can seek career advice in Melbourne today with NotedCareers. Don’t waste any more time!

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