Our career consultation and career service packages are designed for:

Experienced professionals
who are considering a career change and/or a new career direction.

who are searching for the next step up in their career.

Job seekers
who are seeking their dream career path.

Tertiary students and graduates
who are looking for career orientation, career guidance and advice on their career options.

Qualified professionals holding
Master’s Degrees
Bachelor’s Degrees
Advanced Diplomas

Professionals who are in
Senior Executive Positions
Executive Positions
Senior Manager Positions
Junior Manager Positions
Entry-Level Positions
Graduate Positions

Professionals developing their careers in these industries:

Administration & Office Support
Advertising & Media
Agriculture & Conservation
Banking & Finance
Customer Service
General Management
Community Services
Consulting & Strategy
Design, Arts & Architecture
Education & Training
Government & Defence
Healthcare & Medical
Hospitality & Tourism
HR & Recruitment
Information Technology
Insurance & Superannuation
Logistics & Transportation
Manufacturing & Operation
Marketing & Communications
Mining, Resources & Energy
Real Estate & Property
Retail & Consumer Products
Science & Technology
guaranteed packages

Personalised one-on-one solutions
is what Noted Career Counselling Services brings to manage your career when you put yourself in our hands. Give yourself a leading edge over your many competitors in the job-seeking arena and workplace career development.

Managed and controlled intensive learning and action programs
also known as NotedCareers’ Career Management Programs. These programs are designed to bring you success in your job seeking quest for a rewarding and satisfying career.

Lifetime career advice
will be accommodated with our Career Coach Management Programs fitting at every level of each individual’s professional career progress and across all disciplines.

Career Coaching Package – 9 hours:
A full-service career coaching package includes all the functional elements of our full Career Management Programs but excludes career mentoring, career strategies, progress monitoring, career management and personal behaviours.

Career Coaching Package – 6 hours:
A career coaching package includes many of the functional elements of our full Career Management Programs but excludes career mentoring, career strategies, progress monitoring and career management and personal behaviours.

Answering Behavioural Questions – 4 hours:
Such answers are unique to the individual and the profession. This package includes a mock interview. Behaviour is always a key issue.

Pre-Job Interview Coaching – 2 hours:
Got an important job interview coming up? Improve your skills and interview strategies.  Book in at the earliest opportunity.

Career Consultancy – 2 hours:
Need some career advice and direction? Book an appointment to discuss your career issues.

Job Application Service:
Are you too busy to apply for jobs? Let us do it all for you. We can do your daily job applications and send you the details.

Resume & Cover Letter Services:
If you are a fully competent, experienced and well-informed job seeker, maybe this is all you need to get moving.

Key Selection Criteria Service:
The structure, formatting and relevance of such criteria are critical to the first step of your applications.

an overused word but under used activity”. 

“Annual performance assessment is after the fact,
executive coaching is before the fact”.

Purpose specific packages
are pre-designed to deliver solutions to meet a range of common challenges in management such as change management, new programs/projects and transitioning to new positions.

Inspiring managers, executives and leaders to fast-track their potential
is the mission embraced by our executive coaching services. This service helps to envision positive growth and obtain achievable outcomes in the short, medium and long term.

Tailored executive coaching packages
are offered in consultation with business management to analyse and define the outcomes and needs of individuals destined to receive the coaching. Customised packages are developed from our extensive catalogue of coaching modules.