graduates vs the job market

FREE SEMINAR – Graduates VS. the Job Market – International Students Summit 2018

Perhaps the greatest concern for all graduates of all-time is getting a full-time professional job. In fact, each step graduates take before they achieve that goal can become an issue if they have not done their homework well enough. Over the years, NotedCareers has talked to thousands of graduates with an international background. We realise that most of the graduates experience a hard time in developing a right mindset in their job search journey as well as finding accurate job information.

To clear out misconception and support international students and graduates in Victoria, our principal career managers are bringing a career seminar designed exclusively for international students who are attending International Student Summit 2018 this Sunday, 29th July at Melbourne Town Hall. Joining other exhibitors on the day, NotedCareers proudly supports Carpe Diem Events Australia to create this platform to assist international students with relevant information in various concerns of migration, education, employment and much more.

There are two main topics in our seminar

• The job market outlook for graduates in Australia

The first session will explore the job structure and the competition within Australia job market, with a specific focus in the region of Victoria. By explaining the background stories and facts behind hiring graduates, the session will then outline available employment options for graduates with selection criteria from an employer perspective. As a graduate, it is vital to understand the market and employers’ expectations before preparing for your job applications.

• You can do it! – A right mindset for international students and graduates

“I can’t compete with locals”
“I don’t care about the money, I just want to get experience”
“The economy is not good”
Plenty of graduates tend to have certain misconceptions when they have difficulty in getting a job. In the second part of the seminar, NotedCareers would like to help graduates develop a growth mindset by recognising misunderstandings in their fixed mindset. Having the right attitude and mindset will make job seeking a lot more easily, rather than utterly stressful.

Join us at the seminar from 12pm- 1pm at Melbourne Town Hall

NotedCareers is inviting all international students who are struggling with their career to this seminar. It is also a perfect opportunity for international students to network, share stories and issues to support each other.

During the International Student Summit 2018, we are offering registration for all attendees to receive a FREE resume-check and career consultation. Please make sure to bring your friends as well. To make your consultation faster, call us on 1800 326 422, we are available nationwide.