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Recent Graduate Job Information Seminar

Did you know about 50% of employers believe that graduates that come fresh out of Universities are not equipped for a new start? Despite the fact that the wealth of the graduates feel they are ready. Having an excellent academic result might get you to an interview, but at the end of the day, it is just one piece of the pie. Who you are, what you can do and what you have done are also crucial to the success in a job application. Especially for international graduates, you may have even more factors to consider before applying for a job. To better assist international graduates based in Victoria, NotedCareers recently conducted a survey to learn in depth about their situation and their career objectives.  We are thrilled to share our findings as well as provide valuable career information for international students to succeed.

Having realised the job search challenge among international students and recent graduates, NotedCareers is hosting a Job Information Seminar exclusively for recent international graduates and students. The seminar is designed to provide tangible job seeking solutions, and by sharing our survey results, you will learn how you can market yourself to prospective employers.

What you will learn:

• Survey result collected from recent international graduates in Victoria
• Facts about the Australian job market
• What selection criteria Australian employers seek for when hiring graduates
• How to market your international background as an advantage
• Top soft skills employers look at
• Employment options & recruitment methods
• Misconceptions to avoid when applying for a job
• How to learn from failures

Event Details

When: 1.00pm – 3.00pm, Saturday 4th August

Where: NotedCareers, Level 1, 90 William St, VIC 3000

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Let us take you to your dream career!

We are calling all international students who are graduating or recent graduates who have graduated to join our seminar. Prepared exclusively for you, to help market your career pitch to prospective employers and to assist you to conquer cultural boundaries and to be confident to start your career in Australia!