first 12 months of your new job

Planning Your First 12 Months Of Your New Job

Planning the first 12 months of your new job is one step in your job-seeking plan.

Here is why:

Let’s start with typing “common interview questions” in Google, you will receive around 26 million results. The list of common interview questions is quite similar.

After reading a few articles, you soon realise that some questions are included in most lists of interview questions. In fact, it is quite easy to see such questions as “What do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What are your goals for the future?” appearing in all online lists. Many job seekers struggle to find answers to these questions. The challenge in preparing for these questions lies in your vision toward your future and how to define your career goals with ambition yet realistic factors.

It can be overwhelming to start thinking about your 5-year or 10-year plan on the spot at a job interview. Instead, during your job seeking time, start to plan out or visualise your first 12 months in a job and form a foundation for your 5-year plan. This will help you organise your thoughts on your career objectives.

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Planning your first 12 months of your new job
How to stand out from the crowd

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