Online Profile Management During Your Job Search Campaign

Online Profile Management During Your Job Search Campaign

“Everything communicates, 24/7 and forever… Once something is online, it is there for good. Or for bad. Either way, it is not going away. Managing all aspects of communication and your personal brand is important – particularly when you are interviewing for, or going into, a new job. Whether you are interviewing for a first-line supervisor position or to be President of the United States.”

While social media and the Internet have changed what conventional communication is, they have created more challenges in personal branding management.  When it comes to manage your personal image, there are a few rules below that you may want to start with:

“Listen to what the internet has to say about you”

Recruiters and potential employers will find out about you anyway. So you might as well know what they are going to find. Google yourself is the first step to take. You should know what your online persona says about you because online is often the first impression you make on employers.  Listen again to your own voice mail messages and make sure it can deliver your desired professional image. Take a hard look at your online pictures and profiles.

“Prepare for valid explanation, not cover up the truth”

Prior to any job interview, most likely, recruiters and employers have already looked online to collect more information about you. Any effort to hide anything will backfire. Lying is the worst strategy. Even in the case that you want to showcase your previous projects and/or your past achievements, you should be aware of any other associated pieces of information that can backstab at your employment opportunity.

“Better to manage your brand than to mislead your potential employers”

One of the most common mistakes in job applications is making up your work experience. You can convert your voluntary experience, social activities and/or other part-time experience to your professional experience. Personal skills are valued in your job application. “If you are applying for a position in the performing arts industry and all of your salaried work experience is in the auto industry, but you have volunteered for the local theater company as a set designer, actor, director, producer, fundraiser, CFO and board member, consider adding some of that to your LinkedIn profile.”

“Let your social media tell your basic information. You can bring your personal inspiring story”

You now have more platforms to tell people about yourself, including your background, family, hobbies, vision, values, achievements, networks and your preferred way of working. Some relevant forums include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs and other websites. When your online profiles do the “speaking part”, focus on managing and updating your profiles to produce a consistent portfolio.

Communication is about connecting. Let people see you. But help them to see the best in you as you look to connect with the best in them.

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