Multilingual Job Seekers Australia

How Being Multilingual Benefits Job Seekers in the Australian Market

In an increasingly multicultural and multilingual world, it is becoming a great advantage to speak two or more languages. This is particularly the case when you are seeking a job in the Australian market. In Australia, many job seekers speak two or more languages but they do not realise how attractive this is to prospective employers.

In this article, we take a look at how being multilingual can directly benefit you as a job seeker.

You will bring diversity and opportunities to employers

Being multilingual, you will be a key factor to break down language and cultural barriers, helping a company to diversify and grow its customers or clients. With so many companies operating international offices or targeting a global audience, this ability to speak to international colleagues and audiences has added values into many international corporations and opened potential business development to small-medium companies seeking to expand their market share. In fact, bilingualism has been named by CNN Money as the hottest skill for job seekers.

Being Multilingual Can Lead to  more employment options

It is said that multilingual employees can potentially earn between 5% to 20% more per hour than those who speak only one language. This is the result of their useful linguistic skill that can translate into business opportunities and revenue growth for the company, subsequently, companies will compensate these employees accordingly.

Being Multilingual Will Increase Your Employment Options

Being multilingual is your competitiveness in the job market.

Speaking other languages means you have the opportunity to interact with people on a deeper level. This includes employers, colleagues, customers and other professionals in your network. Being multilingual may provide you with the ability to make new connections, network on an international level and travel regularly.

Being Multilingual Will Give You Career Flexibility

If you are looking to change or reinvent your career, then being multilingual will certainly give you the flexibility to do so. With translating jobs on the rise and the increasing globalisation of the world economy, it is becoming an advantage to enter a company with a desirable skill such as speaking a second language. You can then use that skill to leverage or pivot your career within the company however you choose.

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