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Job Seekers: How Do You See Yourself?

The other day, I was in an event and the speaker addressed a point that may resonate with people who are currently looking for jobs and/or their career solutions. The main idea that he raised in his talk was the name tag “job seekers” and its effect on people’s perspective.

To start with, job seekers are people who are looking/seeking/searching for a job.

The phrase has been used widely not only by the society but also as an image that people-need-a-job have in mind. There will be nothing wrong with this phrase unless it may mislead your mindset in your job seeking strategy. Seeker, according to Macmillan dictionary, means a person who is looking for something or trying to get something. The image is that person will constantly ASK for something he/she wants. If you call yourself a job seeker, this label will generate a mental image of asking and waiting for jobs given for you. At the same time, employers are only looking for employees who can bring profit to the company. Clearly, there is a mismatch here.

His suggestion is stopping  seeing yourself as a “job seeker” but a “problem solver” and a “self-marketer”. Instead of asking for a job, you should offer them business solutions. The name that you call and see yourself will matter!

How will it make the difference?

Rule 1: You give before you get.

Every business faces more than one problem at a time. If you can offer valid actionable solutions for employers, you will never need to start seeking a job.

Rule 2: Communicate to your future employers and market yourself.

Employers are surely interested in what you can bring to the business as well as how interested you are as part of the business. They would prefer you to work with them, not for them.

Rule 3: Know your value.

Your career should not be asking a favor from employers. Just like other industries, a job market requires a fair trade between an employer and an employee. Your capabilities and skills will determine your price in the job market!

Once your mindset is put in a direction for your self-marketing plan, action plans will follow and lead to your ultimate achievement of “the job that you want”. More importantly, you will hold control of your career path.