Reinvent Career

How to Ignite Your Motivation and Reinvent Your Career

Many of us value consistency and security in our jobs. After all, familiarity may be better than venturing into the unknown where there are risks and uncertainty. But what are we missing by constantly choosing the safe career route?

For many professionals, failing to take well-calculated risks leaves them feeling stuck and uninspired in their careers. Luckily, it is never too late to reinvent your career or pivot yourself towards the career goals you desire.

If you have lost the drive to move forward, here are some ways you can reignite that passion and make the career move you need:

Make a Pros & Cons List

Many of us spend years thinking about a new career but are paralysed by the fear of taking risks. This often causes us to suppress any negative feelings we have towards our current careers to avoid the desire for reinvention.

To gain some perspective, make a list of why you should change your career; if you find the pros far outweigh the cons, there would be an indicator for you to look for a change in your career. A career change decision is a big leap to take so you can keep the list of pros & cons somewhere you can see to review/adjust your list and do your research around your new career motivation, industry interest and your new career direction.

Take it Slow

Reinventing your career does not mean you need to throw out your current career today and start again. The thought of that would be enough for anyone to freeze in fear and not take the first step forward towards change.  Instead, take it slow; write down some small goals that will gradually lead you to reinvent your career exactly the way you want to. Some steps may include going back to study, up-skilling within your current workplace or updating your CV.

A comprehensive research and information around the area of your interests, re-assessment of your experience and skills as well as connect to your network are advisable to support your decision and plan out your career change. After all, changes are fundamental to promote development and growth, especially with your career path.

Do Not be Afraid to Seek Assistance

You cannot reinvent your career on your own. It is a big step and one that generally requires leveraging your current contacts and networking with new ones. Try attending many Career Expos, conferences and seminars around Melbourne, Sydney and other major Australian cities for some networking opportunities and allow yourself to open up and feel inspired by change, rather than being scared of it.

Change can be scary when it comes to your career, but it can also offer you more opportunities to thrive than you could ever imagine, and seeking help to achieve your goals will be paramount to your career success.

Your career is as important as your health and your wealth. Therefore, it is crucial as having a professional health check-ups and financial/wealth management advisors to work along professional career coaches to look after your career development journey.

If you are looking to a new career direction or you are a professional who is ready to take a step up in your career, we can help you with complete packages that are designed to achieve your goals. Find and land that dream job faster – contact us today.