attitude is everything

Get Your Attitude Ready For Your Next Job Interview

When talking about job interviews and interview preparation, job seekers are more likely to think about how to give the correct answer to the interviewer’s questions. The fact is they should get prepared for their attitude, mindset and motivation before analyzing and practicing interview questions and answers. There are no absolutely right or wrong answers in an interview.  More importantly, HOW a question is approached and HOW an answer is presented. Your response should engage recruiters in your story rather than repeat a number of robotic answers collected from the internet and/or other people.

Below are three simple steps to achieve the right mindset and a positive attitude prior to any job interview:

Enter into a state of relaxed concentration. This is the state from which great basketball players or Olympic skaters operate. You will need to quit the negative self-chatter in your head through meditation or visualization prior to the interview. Focus on the present moment and will be less apt to experience lapses in concentration, nervousness, self-doubt and self-condemnation.

Act spontaneous, but be well prepared. Be your authentic self, professional yet real. Engage in true conversation with your interviewer, resting on the preparation you did prior to coming to the meeting. Conduct several trial runs with another person simulating the interview before it actually occurs. Interview simulating is the same as anticipating the questions you will be asked on an exam.

Set goals for the job interview. Your job is to leave the meeting feeling secured so that the interviewer knows as much as he or she possibly can about your skills, abilities, experience and achievements. If you sense that the interviewer has some misconceptions, clear them up before leaving. If the interviewer does not get around to asking you important questions, pose them yourself (diplomatically) and answer them. Do not leave the meeting without getting your own questions answered so that you have a clear idea of what you will be getting yourself into. If possible, try to get further interviews, especially with other key players of the company.

Do practice your attitude and experience the improvement!