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How an Expo Is a Good Networking Opportunity for Job Seekers

Regardless of the rise in technology, face to face networking is still regarded as one of the most effective ways to gain employment. If you choose your networking opportunities well, you will find yourself in that dream job in no time.

Career Expos are the perfect place to meet and forge connections with prospective employers in your target industry and receive career information and job market update. Read on to find out why career expos are more beneficial than you might expect:

All the Information You Get Is Current

You can Google for hours on end or you can go to one place where every piece of information you receive will be current and up-to-date.  Not only will you have the chance to network but you might get a new piece of information from someone. Attending a career expo can open your mind and lead you towards a path you were not previously considering.

You Can Make a Great First Impression

People are more likely to remember the face they spoke to compared to a profile picture on LinkedIn. If you enter an expo armed with a business card and the right attitude, you never know who might remember you. The right people might even remember you when you apply for a job in the near future. Some contacts you may build during the event may connect you with an employment opportunity.

Another advantage of attending these events will be networking and expanding your contacts and develop face-to-face connections on the spot with exhibitors and fellow visitors.

You Will Walk Away with New Direction

If you have been feeling low about job seeking, you will find your mind widened and more optimistic as you walk away from an expo. You will have a new focus and mindset with a to-do list to help sustain your new direction. Sometimes, a simple conversation can open a new door and present you with a new perspective, thus, lead to new opportunities.

It is important to organise follow-up conversations to express your interests with potential employers and explore new avenues as career options. Employers will most likely remember you or appreciate the time you took to follow up on your initial discussion.

You Might Not Find Your Dream Job but a Way to Get There

If you think career expos are just for school leavers, you’re wrong. Many exhibitors like NotedCareers also cater for those wishing to reinvent their career, up-skill, or move into an executive role. You might not find your future employer at the career expo but you might find professionals who have all the resources to help you get the perfect job you are trying to find.

Come and meet the NotedCareers team at the SpotJobs Expo in Melbourne for a fantastic way to find and secure your dream job. If you are looking to explore a brand new career path or you are a professional who is planning to move up in your career, NotedCareers offers complete packages to help you find your dream job. To find out more and take a step towards your new career, contact us today.