why executive coaches help you move up in your career

Why Executive Coaches Help You Move Up in Your Career

Entering the workforce in your chosen career can be as daunting as it is rewarding. With the structure of an organisation come politics and policies that aren’t always clear.

An executive coach is like a professional trainer for your career. They can provide an objective perspective and give you career guidance as you move from your formal education into the workforce. If you’re already working, an executive coach also provides career management and planning to help you determine your next move.

What to Look for in An Executive Coach

Experience and knowledge are fundamental qualities that an executive coach should possess. The relationship you have with a coach should also help you to develop professionally and experience personal growth. While you’ll want to find someone you get along with, look for someone who challenges your views and opinions, too.

You don’t need someone to agree with you, you need someone to identify the parts of you that can’t do yourself. Look for someone who can provide you with a clear of deliverables. They should analyse your existing position and provide pathways where your skills and interests can be challenged and rewarded.

Moving Up or Moving On

For some people, there are barriers to moving up within an organisation or chosen profession. They’ve tried dozens of resumes and interviewed countless times, but never seem to move up the ladder. Career guidance and executive coaching can help tweak your personal branding and presentation to make you more attractive to prospective employers and create a positive impression that people want to buy into.

Making the right choice when changing careers takes courage and reliable professional support. The average number of jobs people have before they turn 25 is increasing and the number of career changes is following a similar trend. For some, it may be a sideways step from Advertising Executive to Recruitment Manager. For others, the step may be as significant as Lawyer to Salesperson.

Advice on making the right contacts, as well as a relevant social media profile will facilitate the desired outcome.

Start as You Mean to Go On

Getting started early with a professional career advisor in a competitive market like Melbourne is highly advantageous. It is just as valuable as having a personal trainer in your corner for your health and well-being, or a financial planner to keep you focused on your wealth management goals. Ongoing career counselling provides you with the necessary support to make the best of yourself in your chosen profession and continue to grow and develop.

Starting your working life with a career advisor can provide you with the distinct advantage of someone who knows how you operate most successfully and help you achieve your professional and personal goals. Contact us for more on how we can work with you.