Career Counselling Session

What Exactly Happens in a Career Counselling Session?

When it comes to your career, you need guidance and advice. After all, your career makes up a huge portion of your life so you want to put as much thought into it as possible. In this article, we’re delving into the benefits of career counselling and how it could help you!


What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and your pathway better. It’s designed to assist with choosing, changing or leaving a career. Whether you are young, middle-aged or senior, career counselling can be useful for all stages of life. A career counsellor can help you to uncover your strengths, overcome barriers and learning curves, and realise your potential.


What to Look for in a Career Counsellor?

When it comes to finding a career counsellor, keep in mind the following points to help you decide on the right one for you.


Ensure that your career counsellor:

  • is qualified and experienced – your career counsellor must have the right qualifications and valuable experience and perspective in the field
  • is part of a reputable company/organisation – this way you know that they are genuinely interested in helping you
  • has a good range of services on offer – this shows they don’t operate on a “one size fits all” approach and are able to tailor services to the individual
  • is compatible with you – find a counsellor that you will enjoy working with and who will inspire you


What Can I Expect in a Session?

A career counsellor will be able to determine what type of session you need based on your circumstances.  This is different for everyone; some may need less time and some may need more. Whatever the amount, you should expect your counsellor to:

  • provide better clarity and goals around your career
  • help you figure out what you want out of your career
  • give you objective and professional advice on your thoughts, feelings and concerns about your career and education
  • help you organise your thoughts and potential career choices
  • help you identify factors influencing your career development
  • assess your interests, abilities and values
  • guide you to resources and sources on career information
  • help you develop a plan and goals for your career
  • not dictate what you have to do
  • not give you a professional work endorsement/reference


Types of Career Counselling Services

A good career counselling service will offer several counselling services or coaching packages to help you get the most out of your counselling. This way it can be more tailored and structured to a large variety of people. Consider the following options:


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