Ending a job interview is just the start of your application!

Your actions after the interview will be as crucial as during the interview to strengthen your impression and application to your potential employer, among other candidates. A following-up letter and thank you note are effective professional reminders of how to fit you as a desirable employee to your potential employer.

Closing the interview

An interview usually lasts about a half-hour. Be conscious of this, but do not look at your watch. Let the interviewer initiate the close of the interview. Watch for signals that show the interview is wrapping up so you can be sure and finish up strong. Never openly act relieved or dejected after an interview. Even if you felt the interview did not go well, you are the best to work with confidence because you never know what the interviewer is thinking. Your last impression is second in importance only to your first impression as a means of influencing the interview.

Be prepared with an answer to “Do you have any questions?”. This question gives you the chance to show your research, highlight your interest in the position and the company and stand out! Do not freak out if you fail to think of any questions. Staying calm and maintaining your confidence will be your plus point.

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Personality test

Thank you notes

When you get home from an interview, the first thing you should do is write a thank-you note. Keep the note professional and concise! Thank you notes are the most effective way to influence an interviewer and maintain a solid network of connections.

Post-interview revision

After the interview, you should try and objectively review how the interview went in your head. Ask yourself the following questions: How could you have done better? What do you think you handled, OK? What do you think you did not take, okay? Was there anything that surprised you about the interview? Use each discussion you attend as a building block towards further improving your interview skills. The more experience you have, the better you will be. You will learn from your mistakes only if you review the interview and make a conscious effort not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

One easy way to learn from interviews is to call back an interviewer after an interview and ask about your strengths and weaknesses. Most of them are happy to give you feedback on your performance. They will be able to explain why they did not think you were suitable. Constructively use the interviewer’s comments.

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