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Career Transition and Career Development Coaching Solutions

Employee training is essential for an organisation’s success. Developing coaching programs that meet the needs of both employees and organisations are crucial in today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace.

NotedCareers offers customised, result-oriented coaching packages to:

  • Drive employee performance to dramatically benefit the business’s bottom line.
  • Engage employees with continuous development, including professional development, career development and succession planning.
  • Maximise employees’ learning objectives with key business operations in short, medium and long terms settings.

More details on our coaching solutions are available in Career Service Package Booklet.

career transition

Career Management Packages

Purpose designed packages for one-on-one delivery to individual professionals, adaptable to all levels of seniority

  1. Prepare for the next step on their career ladder.
  2. Transition their transferable skills across to a new role.
  3. Establish their career goals and achieve the next step.
  4. Improve performance using executive coaching.
  5. On-board specific new key personnel into the organisation.
  6. Transition existing key personnel into new roles.
  7. Enable key personnel to deliver significant projects.
  8. Enable newly promoted personnel to transition.
  9. Transition through the process of outplacement.
  10. Transition into team leader and management roles.
  11. Transition through workplace and cultural change.
  12. Recover, re-motivate and re-direct key personnel.
  13. Build, implement and review focus groups and workshops.
  14. Run objective focused team building events.
  15. Tailored transition programs built from hundreds of modules.
  16. Resumes, CVs, cover letters and Key Selection Criteria.
  17. Job interview preparation.
  18. Job search techniques.
  19. LinkedIn self-marketing strategies.
  20. Individual case management.

Career Development Packages

Pre-designed packages for groups and individuals.
For senior employees, these packages are advised to be delivered on an individual basis.

  1. The structure of project management.
  2. Time management.
  3. Structuring an inclusive negotiation.
  4. Managing multiple projects (management).
  5. Coordinating multiple projects (administration).
  6. Structuring verbal and written communications.
  7. Working in a team.
  8. Prioritising tasks.
  9. Identifying and solving problems.
  10. Being confident in groups.
  11. Running successful meetings.
  12. Delivering a targeted presentation.
  13. Stakeholder management.
  14. Resolving conflicts conclusively.
  15. Creating a proactive team.
  16. Establishing business plans.
  17. How to propose an improvement or new initiative.
  18. Streamline decision-making processes.
  19. Structuring customer service.
  20. Leadership as a structured process.
  21. Effective delegation and follow-up.
  22. Making and implementing unpopular decisions.

In addition to our pre-defined career counselling, management, and career development packages, NotedCareers has hundreds of career transition, career development and career training modules available. Each of which can be selectively combined into packages to suit individuals, groups, and whole organizations.

For more information or to discuss these options with one of our coaches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart, please contact us at coaching@notedcareers.com.au or on 1800 207 037.

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