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This opportunity is for a career consultant to better understand your career situation from your resume and your conversation including your background, your experience, your qualification and your career objectives.

You can discuss your concern and ask your questions about your career orientations, career changes and/or your next career step.

The career consultant will provide you with NotedCareers career packages and programs which can assist you with your career development and management.

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    What services are offered by NotedCareers to professionals?

    NotedCareers offers many career services but they fall into two main categories: Guaranteed Career Management Programs and Purpose Specific Training Packages.

    • The Guaranteed Career Management Programs are encompassing end-to-end programs designed for professionals wanting an experienced career professional to partner with them, one-on-one, in taking the next step forward in their career.
    • The Purpose Specific Training Packages are extracts taken from the Guaranteed Career Management Programs. They are designed to focus on specific career issues such as resume appraisal and job interview coaching. They are training packages and do not involve career partnering, career guidance and career management aspects of the Guaranteed Career Management Programs.