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Common Reasons For Doing Badly In A Job Interview

There can be many many reasons why you were rejected after a job interview. “Being late at your job interview” will be one of the most common mistakes. Be aware and be prepared to avoid the mistakes below in your next job interview!

10 common reasons for a bad interview performance:

  1. Insufficient preparation for the job interview, leading to an inability to answer the “Tell me what you know about us” question, or uncertainty about the job vacancy under discussion.
  2. Poor personal appearance or negative attitude including talking badly about your previous employers – Remember, first impressions really count!
  3. Conceited or overbearing attitude during the job interview, giving the impression that you are doing the company a favour by being there and “know it all” already.
  4. Timidity, limp handshake, failure to look the interviewer in the eyes when speaking or listening.
  5. Lack of tact or courtesy, arriving late for the interview, forgetting the interviewer’s name and lack of research on the company and interviewers.
  6. Inability to confront weaknesses or take responsibility for past mistakes or unfavourable aspects of your history. Making excuses or blaming someone else reflects badly on you. Confront these areas, be ready to improve them and move on.
  7. No clear career path in mind can highlight a lack of plans and future aspirations as your career progresses.
  8. Unclear answers, repetition and inability to organise and articulate thoughts clearly.
  9. Sole objective for job change is money/package related. You give the impression that you are moving with no appreciation for what this prospective company will offer you by way of experience, company reputation, company size, team/project work and so on.
  10. Giving no clear reason for leaving your current position, implies the possibility that you might accept a counter-offer from your current employers.

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