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Professional career consultation and strategic coaching
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Who are our career consultants?

NotedCareers’ career consultant team has a long-standing and demonstrated experience working as career consultants. They have worked across all aspects of career management, career development, career planning, job search strategies and professional development.

Our career consultants have a vast range of experience in different levels of corporations, government organisations and many industries including career consulting and coaching. Our career consultants are able to offer you a deep knowledge of job markets, insights on human relations and recruitment processes, along with extensive career development resources and tools to give you an advantage in your job search competition and accelerate your career progress.

The core of NotedCareers’ business model

To provide professional consultation and strategic coaching in career management and career development to maximise your job satisfaction and improve your lifestyle.

While other industry professionals, such as recruiters and hiring managers work to fulfill organisations’ objectives, our career consultants devote their expertise to your personal considerations, your career goals and your personal development.

Our mission

Empowering you as our clients with confidence, effective strategies and adept support to reach your career achievements in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

What will our career consultants provide?

The NotedCareers career consultants work alongside our clients with an intense focus on their career objectives and thier personal aspirations.

Our consultants:

  • Collect information about your background, including education and working experience, whilst developing a full understanding of your personalities and your interests.
  • Provide objective assessments on many aspects from your current job search activities to your interpersonal skill development.
  • Work with you to determine your desired career path and identify your career objectives.
  • Brainstorm with you in order to design your career development strategies such as a job search plan, career change pathway and long-term career management.
  • Develop your professional presentation and personal branding channels, including all required job search tools, professional network extension and management.
  • Coach and assist on extensive personal development, such as interpersonal skills, job hunting skills and other work-related skills.
  • Support your transition to achieve your career goals, including job interview coaching, job offer acceptance and probationary coaching.
  • Continue to offer career advice to you after your successful completion of one of our 9 guaranteed career management programs.



Principal Career Manager

"When job seeking individuals lack knowledge of career opportunities and employment information, or when they are not fully aware of their abilities, it will be difficult for them to clarify their career goals and develop their job seeking strategies. A career should be treated as a life-long project that runs in tandem with but transcends the day-to-day demands of your daily business pursuits."



Principal Career Manager

"To win the job and do well in today’s work environment, in addition to the technical skills to perform a certain role, other skills such as workplace knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly required for success.
Do not let your career drift, make it move where and when you want to go. Take back control of your career and your life."

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