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Our vision in professional development and personal growth

Our consultation team, with more than 80 years of experience collectively across a diverse range of industries, is able to implement their expertise and knowledge to develop different coaching and assessment areas (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Our coaching programs always start with building a rapport of trust and a supportive and non-competitive environment of professional service focused on obtaining achievable outcomes.
  2. Individual professionals are personally briefed on the definition, broad meaning and objectives of the coaching program to drive personal development.
  3. One-on-one sessions are conducted to review individual’s annual performance in their current positions, obtain additional information on personal assessment and leadership/management skills. We also perform further assessment and tests in order to tailor a result-focused coaching program.
  4. Other relevant information will be discussed and collected to assist the coaching process. This information is, but not limited to, relevant qualifications, certifications, licences, portfolios, project management assessment, problem-solving skill assessment, teamwork skill assessment, personal presentation and presentation/public speaking.
  5. Noted Career Counselling in Melbourne also considers stress management as part of our coaching program. Our coaches will review and manage situations regarding other professional support, family, relationships, finance, sport and recreation, health, time management, problem-solving methodology and goal setting.
  6. With a vision of enhancing professionals’ existing management and leadership skills and fast-track their potentials, Noted Career coach in Brisbane provides a mix of facilitated and experiential learning and coaching opportunities.
  7. NotedCareers uses different tools such as questionnaires, one-on-one interviews, online tests, social media, resumes, annual performance reviews, psychometric tests, written communications, verbal communications, medical certificates, portfolios and samples.

Our purpose is to inspire business professionals and leaders to improve their professional and personal lives. Hence, embrace a positive change in industry and society.

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Benefits of our career management programs

Each Career Management Program with a Guarantee to Success is an excellent investment and a cost-effective resolution for any professional who wants to achieve both personal and financial career goals.

Our Career Counselling Management Programs provide:

  1. A structured and proven career coaching system involving a practical approach to job search and career development strategies.
  2. A greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses to clarify your immediate career objectives and pathway.
  3. Discovery of your career options and career development paths to define your short, medium and long-term career objectives.
  4. Complete coaching through all stages of your career, including the kick-start, your career change and your career transition.
  5. Development of a long-term plan for ongoing career management.
  6. A set of highly effective tools and resources for the success of your job seeking and career transitioning.
  7. A well-managed complete portfolio of “self-marketing” techniques, tools and methods to showcase your unique qualities and skills.
  8. Personalised support under no time-restrained contract, continuing through challenging or critical phases, including your probationary period.
  9. Personal micro-management by Australia’s experienced career management consultants.
benefits of our career management programs