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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Next Job Interview

The interview game is not for the faint hearted. Some people are complete naturals at kicking goals in interviews, while others struggle, needing a little extra guidance along the way. Ultimately, your interview skills are not an indicator of how competent you will be at the job, but they will help you get the job in the first place!

Above all, you must let your personality shine through. Whether you are looking for a career change in Melbourne or entering the professional workforce for the first time, check out our list of what you should avoid doing at your next job interview.

1. Don’t speak badly about your previous boss

First impressions matter. You may have had an awful experience at your last place of employment but that is no excuse for speaking badly about your boss at a job interview. Not only will talking badly about your previous boss make the whole vibe of the interview seem negative, the interviewer will be wondering if the problem was the boss, or you. The interviewer does not know you well enough to trust your story there is no need to give it to them.

2. Don’t be late

Being late is a massive no-no. Get to the interview location early and wait in the car for a few minutes if you have to, or grab yourself a coffee and prepare quietly in a cafe. Being early will give you time to review your CV and the points you want to make. You might also practise answering typical interview questions while waiting. Remember, anyone who is late to a job interview is giving off an immediate bad first impression.

3. Don’t dress casual

Regardless of the job you are applying for, do not dress casually for the job interview, dress to impress. It might be a workplace where jeans are common but even then, you should not wear jeans to the interview. Dressing up is a sign of respect to the employer and the interview itself. Dressing up tells them today it is your job to impress them – and it starts with the way you dress and look when you walk in the door.

4. Don’t walk in unprepared

Researching a company or employer is easy and helps you discover the ethics and goals of the business that you are being interviewed for. Going in knowing exactly what the employer is aiming for will give you confidence and also allows you to show them specifically how you can fit into their team and ideals. Do not walk in unprepared or you will find yourself stumbling to find the right answers; and it will show!

5. Don’t leave your phone on

You are best to keep your phone turned off in a job interview, even if getting out your phone is a force of habit when you are feeling idle. If you’re in the waiting room, avoid looking at it unless it’s necessary. If the interviewer comes out to call your name you should be ready to go in immediately. If the first thing the interviewer sees is you with your head in your phone, they might think that you are easily distracted – or not all that interested in the role.

You may have recently graduated and looking to pave your career path, or perhaps you are a professional who is looking to move up in your career. Either way, you can seek career advice in Melbourne today through NotedCareers. Don’t waste time or opportunities by making mistakes in job interviews!

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