35 Career Tips For Job Hunters! (Part 4)

35 Career Tips For Job Hunters! (Part 4)

The 35 career tip list is back with more advice and tips. Take a note and get your next job!

22. Keep track of your resume. Keep a list of where you have sent your resume and where your resume has been sent by other people. This is an important step not only for your self-management but also to strategise your follow-ups of every applications

23. If the job is not right, do not take it. Wait for the right job. Run to a best suited job that you can achieve your career objectives, personal development goals and your career motivation. Learn about your own interests, strengths and weaknesses to decide prior to applying for any position

24. Be careful what you wear to an interview. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Do not wear a Mickey Mouse tie unless you are interviewing with Disney.

25. Keep working on your resume, including your online profiles and portfolios. Your resume should always be up-to-date and ready to send.

26. Do not rely on your cover letter to tell your story. Your resume must be self-sufficient. Rarely do employers read cover letters regardless of how well they are written.

27. Do not use speckled or spotted paper. The original may look good but it will drive a scanner crazy trying to interpret all those extra spots. Faxes or copies also look horrible.

28. Get a good answering machine or sign up with a good service. Answering machines that have long pauses or that make weird noises can be very annoying to callers. You do not want to annoy someone who is trying to hire you. A professional voice message on your mobile phone. This also plays a crucial part in your first impression towards your potential employers

(To be continued)