35 Career Tips For Job Hunters! (Part 3)

Attention job hunters
Here are 7 more career tips for your job search strategy:

15. Plan to arrive at your interview site early. You never know when you will hit a traffic delay or get a flat tire on the way.

16. Have references ready to go but do not present them until asked. With regard to references:

  • Make sure you get their permission and make sure they will be a positive reference.
  • Give complete information about your references—name, title, address, and phone number.
  • If you expect your references to be contacted about a specific job, inform them before hand.
  • Give your references a copy of your resume so they know your background and let them know what you are trying to stress.

17. Remember to mail a “thank you” note to the people who interviewed you.

18. If you are not selected be a graceful loser. You do not gain anything by being bitter or angry. I know of several cases in which the graceful receipt of bad news was remembered and a job was offered when the first choice did not pan out.

19. In an interview say enough but not too much. There is no need to tell them your whole life story. Practice for the interview with your spouse or a friend.

20. Do not tell too many people what you have in the works. You will learn the hard way if you tell someone and they apply too and end up with the job.

21. If you work with a placement agency, make sure they do not send your resume anywhere without your permission.

(To be continued)