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35 career tips for job hunters! (Part 2)

Following our series of 35 career tips for your job hunters, you can find more advice below to strategise your next job seeking step

8. You do not need to put “references available on request” on your resume. The reader already assumes that.

9. Go easy on the jargon. You are better to use plain language. Stay away from tired phrases and grandiose words.

10. Have your name listed in the phone book. If you are married, have the names for both people listed so people can find you. Also, make sure all professional directories have accurate information about you.

11. For many women, it can be difficult for employers and recruiters to follow up with their identities and profiles as their last name changes due to marriage or divorce. Perhaps you should maintain directory listings in both your single name and your married name.

12. Use a larger, darker font. Many times resumes are re-copied or faxed to other people. Small faint fonts become unreadable.

13. Use great care in choosing your e-mail address—this is a reflection on you. If you have an ill-advised e-mail address like, get a new one that is more appropriate. This can showcase your professionalism and your attention to detail.

14. If an interview is in an area of the city unfamiliar to you, do not call the potential employer for directions. Do your own research to find the location—maybe even make a trial run to make sure you can find it. Making a fuss about getting to the interview raises questions about your candidacy before they even meet you.

(To be continued)