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35 Career Tips For Job Hunters! (Part 1)

Your career needs a plan, a marketing plan. The main objective of your career plan is winning your dream job by creating a positive influence on employers.

There are 35  career tips to assist you with your career plan.

Note: you should only choose those which are applicable to your plan!

1. On a resume, you don’t have to put your entire legal name. Generally, Robert Smith, Robert J. Smith, or Bob Smith is better than Robert Joseph Elliott Smith III, or Bobby Joe Smith. Also, you don’t need to include your maiden name. However, if you feel strongly that it should be on there include it.

2. Generally, on your resume you are better to list a generic city like “Minneapolis” or “Chicago” rather than a specific suburb of the city. You should be the one to decide whether or not you want to make the required commute rather than having the potential employer jump to the conclusion that you would not want to drive from your home to the office because it’s too far.

3. Even though it is advised that the resume should be short and within 1-page length, you should decide on the length of your resume depending on your experience and skill showcase.

4. Learn about various resume styles—chronological, functional, or a combination of the two. A chronological resume is not always the best choice for everyone.

5. Don’t list every job you have had since kindergarten. Pick a point in your life and go forward with relevant positions.

6. You don’t have to list the exact day a position began and ended. Usually listing the years is sufficient. (For example, 1997 to 1999)

7. Only list activities or interests if they are career related. By including a list of activities or interests you run the risk of tripping a bias or having the reader conclude you don’t have time to work because you are too busy with all of your outside activities.

(To be continued)