Job Interview

10 Tips To Nail Your Job Interview

You have worked hard to find the right job, got your cover letter and resume looking amazing and you have landed the job interview. The job interview is the one you really need to nail and there are lots of dos and don’ts to consider. What you say and do in that time will be the difference between getting a job offer and going back to job hunting.

Here are 10 tips to absolutely nail your job interview:

1. Know the employer and the position you applied for inside-out

Research the employer really well. Read their website thoroughly, making notes as you go and re-read the position description as many of your interview questions are likely to be based around it.

2. Dress to impress

It doesn’t matter what type of job you are being interviewed for, make sure you dress professionally and cleanly.

3. Be nice to everyone you meet as soon as you get there

Whether it is the receptionist, the doorman or a current employee at the company – be nice to all of them! Smile and engage in a handshake if that is appropriate. You want everyone to be saying you made a great first impression.

4. Be punctual

Always allow for traffic or anything else that might stop you from getting to the interview on time. It is better to arrive early and do a few laps of the block then get there late.

5. Be confident and proud of your achievements and talents

You might not want to sound egotistical but employers want you to believe in what you do and how far you have come. Talk yourself up and let them know what attributes you can bring to the company.

6. Use your research about the employer appropriately

If appropriate, slip in how well you have researched the employer while answering a question. Don’t overdo it though. They will soon get the idea that you have done your homework.

7. Keep it real when you are asked personality type questions

Try not to use cliché answers when you are asked questions about your flaws. Be honest but do not dwell on the answer – one or two points will suffice.

8. Bring required paperwork

Always have another copy of your cover letter and resume with you. If it is applicable, bring a portfolio or e-mail a digital portfolio for the interviewer to look over.

9. Prepare good questions to ask

An interviewee who does not ask good questions can lose points. Asking questions shows you are really interested in what the company does and the job itself. Have a few questions prepared on-hand to ask.

10. Leave on a good note

You might be feeling like a jittery mess after your interview but try not to rush out quickly. Make sure you thank everyone who attended the interview with a smile and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.

Interviews are always a tricky prospect for everyone, whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned professional. Whatever your position, it never hurts to seek advice and get the best out of the job interview process. For insights from our team in Melbourne, talk to NotedCareers. Do not waste time or opportunities by getting your job interview wrong.

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