Your career management consultant in Australia

Your personal career management consultant

NotedCareers is a dynamic, result-oriented Australia-based career management and career coaching service provider with many years of experience. Our individually tailored services and packages are dedicated to assisting our clients’ career objectives and professional success. Our career consulting team specialise in providing career development solutions for thousands of professionals at all career levels from recent graduates and young job-seekers to team leaders, managers and senior executives across many industries in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

With the expertise and knowledge of NotedCareers’ career management consultants by your side, you can unlock your career prospects and take control of your career and your life.

Personalised career management solution

Founded in 2004, NotedCareers prides to be a well-established Australian company in the delivery of high quality customised career management, career coaching and career development services for professionals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

With an appreciation of the uniqueness of individual talent and career needs, we realise that a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply does NOT bring the desired success. Instead, at NotedCareers we are partnering with you to construct the most suited program for you by learning about who you are, defining what you want and mapping out a career strategy with different career coaching modules to fast-track your career.

Our consulting services for individuals

Individual career management programs

NotedCareers offers career coaching and career consulting services that are dedicated to responding to professionals with various needs, including short-term job search, successful career transition and effective long term career development plans.

  • Our most popular service range includes 9 Guaranteed Career Management Programs accommodating 9 general levels of professional career progress. Each Program commits to working with you UNTIL you successfully win your job offer and complete 3 months of your probationary period.
  • Our flexible service range includes 8 Elective Career Coaching Packages and Career Counselling Services offering alternative career coaching solutions and flexible job search assistance components.
  • Our executive coaching service range includes 9 Pre-defined Executive Coaching Packages with options to customise according to the individual’s and organisation’s objectives.
  • Our all-time favourite communication workshops, Start Talking series, are designed to strengthen your communication skills and sharpen your interpersonal skills to build your confidence and enhance your strong relationships through an interactive, experience-based format.

Our coaching services for employers

result-oriented career and workplace coaching packages

NotedCareers offers customised, result-oriented career and workplace coaching packages that are dedicated to dramatically benefit the business’s bottom line and employee performance while engaging employees with continuous professional development.

  • Our career management packages are designed for  one-on-one delivery to individual professionals, adaptable to all levels of seniority. 20 pre-defined packages address common changes in today workplace and strategise a smooth transition for professionals to enhance organisations’ performance by managing such changes effectively and achieving their best performance.
  • Our career development packages are structured for both groups and individuals with a recommendation of delivering to senior employees on an individual basis. 22 popular pre-designed packages provide transferable skill development and relevant employee coaching to benefit business perofmance, profit, work environment and employee engagement and retention.
  • Hundreds of our career transition, career development and coaching modules are available, which can be selectively combined into packages to suit individuals, groups and whole organisations.

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