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Keith Y. 

In Nov 2015 I came to NotedCareers to seek some help for job hunting. I highly recommend NotedCareers with its lean and efficient team providing great career management consultancy services with high level of professionalism. Gregory has a profound base of industrial knowledge that ensured I gained a lot from him in every meeting. He is not only focused on job seeking itself, but also targeting problem solving with a very detailed and structured approach that definitely helps job seekers to jump over the hurdles of interviews. Shelia also tried her best to help me to overcome stress and anxiety by using her unique ‘story telling’ approach. This approach helped me get psychologically prepared for the challenges in the job seeking process. Better than a pot of gold were the tips that were rightly told — that is my exact feeling about NotedCareers’ Job Seeker Program.

Ying Ying L. 

I have had a great time with Gregory and Shelia. With the help of NotedCareers I have been offered a Research Scientist position from a leading biotechnology company in Sydney.

At the beginning I hesitated to join the program, but after talking to Gregory and checking the contents I realized that NotedCareers is not only for your career but also for your personal development. That is when I decided to give it a try.

During the program I was surprised and satisfied by the professionalism of both Gregory and Shelia. They took great care of me by trying figure out my strengths and weaknesses so that they could tailor an individual plan specific to me. I have gained great benefits from the program in terms of communication, interpersonal and analytical skills, which are key elements for career success.

Gregory and Shelia’s passion towards work is also very impressive. They respond your questions within a very short period of time, even outside normal working hours! The relationship between us is more like friends. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the staff from NotedCareers including Sandra and Linh.

I highly recommend NotedCareers to anyone who is seeking a career consultant. Come to NotedCareers, the skills you gain here are of a lifelong benefit.

Fred Z. 

Gregory gets my highest recommendation as a career counselor and mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand and explain complex issues has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions.

We set our goals early on in the process and kept them in our sights as we engaged in the many issues that popped up along the way. Gregory timed the coaching perfectly to enable complete success of my goals. I have walked away from our engagement with a treasure trove of actions that will drive my approach for a long time to come.

My only regret is, I wish I had found Gregory earlier in my career.

Suzie Z. 

Thank you very much for your consultations and your encouragement as I really appreciate your words. Thank you for your advice to help me know what I deserve, which is also really encouraging. I will continue to work on options that I can strive for in the future.

Last Wednesday was my first anniversary of working in my new position. In the past year I have discovered my strong interests in developing my career in a business/marketing field. I really think that is remarkable. I had never thought of labelling myself as a businesswoman in my future career path. As you might have noticed, I had been dreaming of a government office position. I think that is what people mean when they say that every experience counts.

Thank you Gregory and Shelia for being there all the time, sharing my exciting moments and bearing with my endless questions. I am glad to have you by my side, watching me walk along my career path so I am confident that I have done the right job and I am heading to the right direction. I am truly glad.

Harper Y. 

I would like to take this chance to say, thank you so much for your guidance and inspiration Gregory!
As a fresh graduate I was confused, I did not know anything about the Australian job market and I did not have a good career plan. Things changed after I met Noted Careers. With Gregory and Shelia’s help I improved a lot.
To invest in myself by educating myself on these useful job-hunting and interpersonal skills was the best decision I have had!

Rico A. 

Thank you so much Gregory for all the guidance, advice and personal development tips.
The interview briefings and guidance from NotedCareers helped me so much to be more confident during my interviews, which landed me my first full time graduate job!
I really appreciate the assistance and guidance from both Gregory and Shelia throughout my job seeking period.
I will be starting my new job very soon and am really excited! Thank you again for helping me to kick start my career in the finance industry.
NotedCareers has guided me in my career journey and also helped my personal growth. I highly recommend NotedCareers for anyone who wants to have a successful career!

Ruth C. 

I highly recommend the professional services of NotedCareers. The expert advice, tips and skills I gained as a client of NotedCareers proved to be invaluable. I was able to achieve multiple job offers in a short period and I am now happily employed in a position which I may not have even applied for without the guidance and encouragement of NotedCareers.

Jill N. 

Dear Shelia and Gregory,
Thanks to NotedCareers for giving me the opportunity to achieve my goal of working in the marketing industry. The moment I found out that I got the job, “OH MY GOD” , that was a moment of joy and happiness. It is very important for me because as this door opens, it will help me to pursue my dream career. I can not say “thank-you” enough for your hard work. I have been blessed to meet NotedCareers at the expo and from that I found my light.
You have given me a lot of useful advice not only with regards to work skills, but also personal and life skills. Your advice is valuable to me and I will take it with me for the rest of my career and life. You made me believe in myself and I feel more confident to stand on my own feet. Now I have faith in my ability to manifest my desires.
“Thank you!” “We did it.” “I did it.”

Our clients work for these leading employers

American Express
Amora Hotel
Anglicare Victoria
ANZ Bank
AOT Group Pty Ltd
Asia Pacific Express
Australian Stock
Bank of China
Battenfeld Australia
Barron Co.
Bell Potter Securities
BMB Partners
Carrington Myers
Cash Converter
Chelsea Girl Design
Clayton & Shuttleworth
CMC Property Pty Ltd
Coles Group Limited
Commonwealth Bank
Concorde International
Crown Casino
Daimler Chrysler
Design Blind
DMC Group
Dun & Bradstreet
Energy Australia
Ernst & Young
EnviroEquip Technology
Five D
Fosters Group
GAP buster Worldwide
GE Money
Herald Sun
H&R Block
H.Dawson Sons & Co.
IG Market Limited
International All Sports
KMPG (Australia & China)
KVB Asset Management Co.
Lawsons Chartered Accountants
Lease Express
Lockheed Martin
Lumley Insurance
MacMillan Publishing
Macquarie Bank
Master Vision
Melbourne Health
Melbourne IT
Mentor Design
Methven Australia Pty Ltd
MI Group
Mirvac Hotel
Monash University
Mr Gadget Australia
National Foods
Noahs Ark
Norman D.Clarke Pty Ltd
Oakton Pty Ltd
P.K.F Accountant
Pacific Premium Funding
Petronic Industries Pty Ltd
Peter MacCallum
Price Gibson Pty Ltd
Primary Superannuation
Pitcher Partners
Red Cross
Repco Australia Pty Ltd
Salvation Army
Service Stream Pty Ltd
SMEC Australia Pty Ltd
Southern Health
Sport Employment Australia
Staging Connection Pty Ltd
Star Gate Group
Stellar Company
Shell (Australia)
Standard Chartered
State of Victoria
Stomp Pty Ltd
Swann Pty Ltd
The Age
Transfleet Transportation
Toyota (Australia)
University of Melbourne
Versionstream Company
Victoria Police
Victorian Government
Victorian Institute of Technology
Wainscott Financial
Webb Group Australia
Westpac Bank
Windsor Smith
Woods Accident Repair Centre
Westfield Group
Wester Health

& many more

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Wasa T. 

Right before I was about to lose my hope in the world of job hunting, I was recommended by a friend of mine, who got a professional job after meeting NotedCareers.
After being trained and supported by Gregory, Shelia and other NotedCareers members, it is very clear for me how my friend had got his job.
The people at NotedCareers are the ones who changed me to be a person who is ready to work in a professional environment and enabled me to overcome every obstacle on the way.
Because of them, I finally got a professional job for a very big company in Australia.
So if you are a person who is lost in the world of job hunting, do not lose hope.
Your solution is so simple. Just let NotedCareers help you and take you to the goal that you have dreamed for.
For me, they are a miracle maker.

Anja E. 

Gregory and Shelia are experts within their fields, with strong passion for their work. They are able to provide valuable guidance and develop excellent job search strategies to achieve outstanding career outcomes for their clients. I have learnt so much from working with them and will be using their services in the next stages of my career.

Richard K. 

Gregory is able to recognize a client’s strengths and abilities which he then highlights to the client who is able to confidently promote themselves to a potential employer.

Audrey Z. 

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Gregory as my career coach. Thank you again for your guidance and encouragement.

Anna D. 

I remember my first day sitting at reception, with lots of questions why, what, how much and all, but after meeting them for the first time all my questions were cleared, very specifically and in a clear way.
I was never promised something that was impossible. I was only promised a confidence to make me powerful enough to earn my dream job.
I was recommended to join NotedCareers by my brother-in-law. He was a client of NotedCareers too.
Gregory and Shelia are experts in every aspect of career coaching. Starting from choosing the right career path, to managing it, and even after your long term employment. I joined NotedCareers to get a job in my field (engineering). I was promised that I would earn my dream job within the certain time period. And I got the job I wanted in the promised time period. Gregory and Shelia have worked with me in each and every step towards my dream job.
Lots of my friends asked me during my coaching, if it was worth it to spend money on career coaching, I never answered them in particular at that time. Because until you join them you will not understand why it is so important to have career coaching if you are desperate to find the right job/career.
I went through job interviews and each time Gregory and Shelia helped me to improve on my self. I got two job offer letters at the same time and all credit goes to both of my coaches. I can guarantee that no one will be disappointed after meeting them or joining them.
I would definitely recommend NotedCareers to anyone

Dr. Christopher H. 

Very focused and highly recommended for ALL aspects of job coaching, assistance with strategic decision making and career development for oneself and for others

Rasangi B. 

I will recommend NotedCareers to anyone who is having trouble finding a good job and would happily use them again. I will never forget the tips and instructions they provided me. It helped me to find the job I was really looking for.

Misa T. 

Gregory and Shelia are spectacular.
They not only guided me to my potential career path but taught me how to navigate myself through challenges and opportunities.
Graduating from university was a critical milestone however, for many of us graduating is a new beginning that we have not yet prepared for, nor have any specific career goals set for our future.
I was completely lost not having any idea what I wanted to accomplish post-university. Fortunately, I came to Gregory and Shelia for direction. It is without a shadow of a doubt that that was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made in my past 22 years of living.
They are the best in what they do, two personality trails with alternative sets of skills giving you the most guidance and advice you could ever wish for.
In addition to all of the above, their office atmosphere provided me with a feeling of trust and confidence. No matter how stressed and clueless I was, after a few minutes of sitting with them, I was energetic and returned to my true self of a dreamer with high hope for my future career again.
I cannot thank them enough for pointing out my weaknesses, which I was reluctant to admit, as well as boosting my confidence by confirming that I am unique and special in my own way.
Thank you again and thank for being my Australian grandparents.
I will miss coming to see you guys regularly.
Please keep in touch.
Much love.

Iman B. 

I recommend NotedCareers to everyone who is seeking both professional and personal growth. Through their career management program, I was able to replace my anger and frustration with confidence and hope. Within 6 weeks, I found a great job with a promising future and salary. With guidance and training, my new resume and cover letter were developed. With those, after a long time waiting for interviews, suddenly I was able to get 3 interviews out of 4 applications. For the first time I had to chose between jobs!! And that is because of Gregory, Shelia and NotedCareers.

Kelly D. 

Extremely patient and very resourceful!

Christina P. 

Gregory is not only pragmatic, but his expertise in career coaching is unrivaled. He understands how to draw commitment from his clients and to push them to excel in ways they did not consider possible.

Arun S. 

If you are job seeker or looking for career guidance, please do not look further, knock on the door at NotedCareers and you will never regret it. Gregory and Shelia are true veterans in this field, they coached me and provided me the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve my best result. I strongly recommend NotedCareers.

Start with NotedCarres and be NOTED in your career.

Johnson C. 

Thank you for the advice and coaching over the past 4 months. Not only did you teach me how to get myself an excellent job, you have also taught me some life knowledge.
In the past 4 months I have learned a lot of things that are not taught in textbooks, but also experiences that I may not be able to gain access to even if I tried. You sped up the process by keeping on track of my progress, teaching me how to do the correct response and procedures for my job application, allowing me to pass each criteria set by employers and recruitment agencies.
The tips to handle phone interviews and face to face interviews, including the preparations carried out beforehand are absolutely amazing. I would not have advanced so far and fast if it wasn’t for your help. It is a big step for me getting back into work and it meant a lot to me.
I would definitely recommend NotedCareers to anyone who is seeking a career. You provided me with professional training and assistance on time.
Words could not express my gratitude towards you and to tell you how thankful I am.
Thank you for everything you have done with and for me.
Thank you Gregory and Shelia.

Edward H. 

The success of an individual athlete depends on his effort and his coach! Say Coach? Say Gregory Allen! Say NotedCareers! … and I will continue to recommend you to everyone that I know!
I grow bigger over time, get tougher through physical training, but I truly became wiser when you started coaching me!
I am truly grateful and adore your experience and knowledge!
Let your fame be glorified!

June L. 

First of all, I have to say even I have only known Gregory and Shelia for less than three months but I love them so, so much. They are very professional, very knowledgeable and work their hardest to help me on my career path. They are the top Career Consultant within Melbourne! Gregory and Shelia have coached me all the way and provided me skills, knowledge and confidence to fight through the path and achieve my best result. They also gave me many suggestions and much advice to guide me and make me a better person. It is definitely a place that you should go when you are looking for career development.

Anh N. 

Getting on board with NotedCareers is no doubt one of the best decisions I have made. Gregory and Shelia are the most experienced and professional career managers, who possess invaluable knowledge of the job market inside out and know exactly how to guide people in the right career path. I would highly recommend NotedCareers to anyone looking for career management and expert advice.

Engin I. 

I would like to thank Gregory and Shelia who have been very good coaches to me and taught me a lot of things that I would never ever have achieved by myself or probably even with someone else.
Gregory and Shelia are very intelligent, professional, have great attention to detail, personable and provide excellent advice. By following Gregory’s and Shelia’s advice you will achieve your career goal as I did in a very short time.
I would highly recommend Gregory and Shelia as career coaches and I am sure that you will achieve your dream.

Preeti J. 

NotedCareers is doing a great job at providing guidance and helping people from different backgrounds realise their interests and potential to target the extremely competitive job market in Australia. They know exactly how to approach people, look for jobs and get that kick-start that freshers, graduates or people struggling to find jobs in their field require. They know the Australian job market inside-out, therefore I would highly recommend NotedCareers.

Zac C. 

Gregory is just the perfect person to have on your side when a career boost and/or input is needed. He knows how to discover, understand, implement and use people’s most valuable skills in order for them to achieve the perfect balance between professional and personal satisfaction.

Ishmeet C. 

Gregory has been a great knowledgeable source to me. The NotedCareers team, especially Shelia, have helped me in building my confidence and made me learn to trust my self and my abilities. I would like to recommend Gregory for his absolute detailed work on each and every aspect in my career building process throughout the time he was mentoring me. He is very supportive and experienced, which made it easy for me to learn things quickly. I am really grateful for his support and supervision and will further advice in the future.

“NotedCareers is probably the right place for everyone who is looking for a great start in their careers.”

Tony M. 

The time is now and the future looks exciting!
Gregory is an absolute professional in his field and his professional attitude and approach towards projects would convince anyone that Gregory is the master in the career management field.
Gregory has a lot of experience in career management and knows how to get anyone on the right track to developing themselves professionally and personally.
The lessons I learnt with NotedCareers will forever stay with me, have increased my confidence and helped me to get where I am.
I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for career management or advice.

David G. 

Gregory and Shelia are absolute professionals with tried and tested methods that achieve great results
They have a lot of experience in career management and know how to get anyone on the right track to developing themselves professionally and personally.
I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for career management or advice

Julia N. 

I would like to recommend NotedCareers, as I was recently their client. I was successful in my interview for an accounting position last week and I have just been offered the position in a very good company.
I can not find enough words to fully convey my sincere thanks to NotedCareers for the excellent service they provided. It has helped me to find a career position in just six weeks.
Previously, I had failed to find a job for several months since arriving in Australia, which made me lose confidence in myself. My culture (from my home country) is very conservative and you do not talk a lot about yourself. NotedCareers has turned me into a confident person willing to promote myself. My loss of confidence was so terrible that it almost destroyed my perception about the values I possess. But with their help and guidance I found the way to discover my values, convince me of my true worth and reinforce in me the values I have and how to express them naturally to recruiters.
In my opinion, every person is different in respect of background, experience, technical skill and employability skills. But each client at NotedCareers experiences individual service and finds value from their service in different ways. I am sure all NotedCareers’ clients will agree with me that their excellent coaching raises our motivation and endeavour to improve ourselves and follow their guidance in order to achieve our common objective – getting a career.
I am willing to recommend NotedCareers’ service to any person I know who is in need of a career locally.
Once again, I thank them very much for their help and instructions. I have got a fresh new start to my career and now I am equipped to be successful in my professional career.
Yours sincerely,

Kelvin S. 

Dear Gregory and all at NotedCareers,
Your excellent teaching inspired me to continue learning with an open and positive mind. All of your hard work means so much to me. You have great teaching techniques, step-by-step, your way of teaching is perfect. You taught me like a master with great answers for all questions.
Before joining NotedCareers, I looked for a good position for over a year without success. When I first met Gregory, I was very impressed with his assurance that 95% of his clients get jobs in 3 months. Now I know it is absolutely true. I wanted to join NotedCareers straight away, but when I heard about fees, which are large, I had second thoughts. But I thought even if I do not get the job I will still learn something. I invested even though I felt there was only a 10% chance I would get the job with a big gap in my studies.
NotedCareers prepared me fully, building my confidence and completely changing me. I am very different now. I have been to many interviews recently and TODAY, I got a job offer from a very good company, in just 10 weeks. My investment in NotedCareers is one of my best life decisions. Their services are invaluable and Gregory’s support helped me achieve my dream job. After my final meeting with Gregory and Shelia, I feel I am departing from my family.
There are lots of international students with a great wealth of knowledge and degrees but are struggling to find good professional career. They need someone to guide them in the right direction. I strongly recommend, to all those people out there struggling to find the right job, that you visit NotedCareers to fulfill your dreams.
Once again, thank you NotedCareers.

Autumn F. 

Gregory’s professional advice and support has helped me to achieve my career goal. He inspired me because he said that he is there not just helping me to find a good job but to have a good life. I gained a lifelong benefit from my experience with Notedcareers.

Abhi I. 

I would like to sincerely thank Gregory for the support, expertise and guidance he has given me. It is really a great pleasure to have a chance to work with you. Thank you for being very supportive and especially for the patience that you extended to me. I strongly recommend NotedCareers for any career guidance.
Kind Regards,
Abhi Ingle

Sam C. 

I came across Gregory and Shelia’s career service about 4 months ago and it was great.
They not only focused on my career goals, but also on my personal development. In detail, they are professional, have great attention to detail, provide excellent advice and are dedicated. In my opinion, their service would suit anyone who is looking for jobs or career development as there is always room for improvement. If you aim to bring yourself up to a whole new level in your career, in my opinion, they are the first group that you should consult with.

Austin G. 

Gregory from NotedCareers gave me a lot of support to find a job when I had just graduated from school. He wrote my resume and taught me how to behave in an interview. Without NotedCareers, I could still be struggling to find a job now. Highly recommended!

Lily P. 

Gregory has a deep knowledge in both recruitment and career development. His services are well-tailored to each individual at different stages of their career. I can always rely on Gregory’s advice for my career advancement.

Ana H. 

Registering myself with Gregory’s company, NotedCareers, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Gregory and the NotedCareers team worked along with me right from job searching, facing the interview and up to the first day at my new job. The pre-interview training from Gregory is just mind blowing. His little magical tips helped me to face interviews bravely.
Gregory is a perfect blend of expertise, creativity, integrity and punctuality. I can recommend Gregory Allen as a person with great proficiency and deep education of solutions. Gregory Allen is a passionate, deadline oriented, hardworking and result driven individual that cannot be overestimated. He is highly motivated and a forward thinking career manager. He has an extensive background and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated.
I will recommend Gregory as a career coach to all those who are in search of their dream jobs.

Matt A. 

I know Gregory to be professional, results focused and exudes extensive business intelligence and experience. As a career manager, Gregory was instrumental in attaining my new and more rewarding employment. The lessons learnt at NotedCareers have stayed with me and have been applied many times since.

Pen Z. 

I am glad that I made the right decision to be Gregory’s client. He helped me a lot to improve my interview skills and other skills, which are useful, not only in the job seeking, but also in my life.

Before I came to NotedCareers, I spent nearly half a year sending at least 500 resumes and only got 3 interviews and failed in those. After I got Gregory’s help, I took 8 weeks to get a wonderful job. Now you know how powerful he would be.

Therefore, if you are tired of sending hundreds of resumes and receiving no phone calls, I will recommend you to register with NoteCareers. Give NotedCareers a chance, which in turn gives you an opportunity.

Aman S. 

Working with Gregory was a great learning experience. His professional attitude and approach towards projects would convince anyone that Gregory is the master in his field. I found him as a person with great education and deep experience of the current market. Wise guide, his wonderful work flow, skills, knowledge and understanding of market change made my goal come true. I also want to add, Gregory is deadline oriented, proactive and a responsible colleague with a great skill to analyse and summarise ideas.

Cindy C. 

Throughout the process until I got a position in the Telstra Graduate Program, I got great help from Gregory and NotedCareers. They helped me with almost everything during my job seeking process including resume building, cover letter writing, assessment centre, interview skills, etc. Gregory and NotedCareers also helped me to become more confident, making me very different from who I was when I first went into their office. All these skills that I learnt from Gregory and NotedCareers will be extremely helpful throughout my career.

Reagan L. 

Mr. Gregory is a very good career manager and career coach. He is a specialist in providing professional career consultation, career development and guidance to help people making career choices and decisions, achieving better career outcomes and take control of their career development. His advice is very useful and will help you to accelerate the pace of your success.

Julius W. 

Greg is great at providing career management advice and services. His services will benefit you for a very long time, across your whole career.

Phong P. 

Gregory was my career manager back in 2004. I have used the knowledge I gained during that time to assist me in succeeding in my career. In my first full time employment role, 4 out of 5 of my performance reviews have been rated with exceeded performance and I have been promoted during my last few years.

It might not have been the same without Gregory’s coaching!

Emmanuel S. 

I had the pleasure of being coached at the early stage of my career by Gregory at NotedCareers. Gregory equipped me with the skills necessary for me to excel and aim high in my career. Through his training I have managed to identify my strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

Detail oriented, his knowledge is vast and thorough. When you get to connect with him, you will discover an amazing person with unique skills. I strongly recommend Gregory and his work at NotedCareers.

Kamala I. 

Gregory has provided me with excellent career development training that helped me in attaining a good position which matched my qualifications and aspirations at the same time. He assessed my strengths and weaknesses and advised with valuable inputs as to the ways in which to improve my strengths and overcome my weaknesses.
Hence I recommend him as a valuable guide to someone looking for a good pathway to their career in any field