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How to Ignite Your Motivation and Reinvent Your Career

Many of us value consistency and security in our jobs. After all, familiarity may be better than venturing into the unknown where there are risks and uncertainty. But what are we missing by constantly choosing the safe career route? For many professionals, failing to take well-calculated risks leaves them feeling stuck and uninspired in their […]

How an Expo Is a Good Networking Opportunity for Job Seekers

Regardless of the rise in technology, face to face networking is still regarded as one of the most effective ways to gain employment. If you choose your networking opportunities well, you will find yourself in that dream job in no time. Career Expos are the perfect place to meet and forge connections with prospective employers […]

Understanding Workplace Culture in Australia

Understanding the workplace culture in Australia is vital for all professionals to survive and thrive. If you want to manage your business or grow your career in an Australian workplace, here is what you should know about the Australian workplace environment: Australians Are Laid Back but Punctual A laid back attitude is important to the […]

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work

Your level of intelligence might seem like the most important aspect when looking for work or furthering your career. However, ‘smart’ people do not automatically make good employees. Emotional intelligence, also known EI, is now seen as an essential quality in outstanding employees. In fact, many companies are using EQ as a more important and […]

How to Make a Personal Connection with Your Cover Letter

Making a personal connection with your cover letter is an invaluable step in the job-seeking process. Many employers have programs in place to scan applications. These programs look for relevant keywords before human eyes even reach your resume. If your cover letter ends up in the hands of an employer, you want to make a […]

The Pros and Cons of a Graphic Resume

Graphic resumes are now a common component in the job seeker’s tool set and one that many recruiters are familiar with. There are a range of career areas that suit graphic resumes. Sometimes, the graphic resume may be the thing that gets you the job. Let common sense be your guide because not all professional […]

Personal Branding Your Career

Personal branding has become vital when it comes to creating a point of difference as an employee. The advent of personal branding reflects the changing nature of career pathways – it has become important to define who you are not just your unique abilities. What Is Personal Branding? Personal branding is marketing yourself by using […]