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NotedCareers is a dynamic, result-oriented Melbourne-based career management and coaching service provider with many years of experience. Our individual tailored services and packages are dedicated to assisting our clients’ career objectives and professional success. Our career consulting team specialise in providing career development solutions for thousands of professionals at all career levels from recent graduates and young job-seekers to team leaders, managers and senior executives across many industries.

With the expertise and knowledge of NotedCareers’ career management consultants by your side, you can unlock your career prospects and take control of your career and your life.

Personalised Career Management Solution

Founded in 2004, NotedCareers prides to be a well-established Melbourne company in the delivery of high quality customised career management, career coaching and career development services to professionals throughout Australia.

With an appreciation of the uniqueness of individual talent and career needs, we realise that a “one-size-fits-all” approach simply do NOT bring the success you desire. Instead, at NotedCareers, we are partnering with you to construct the most suited program for you by learning about who you are and defining what you want and mapping out a career strategy with different career coaching modules to fast-track your career.

Our Range of Services

All of NotedCareers career coaching and consulting services are dedicated to responding to professionals’ needs in short-term job search, successful career transition and effective long term career development plan.

Upcoming Seminar

Saturday, 22nd of October 2016 from 1pm to 3pm at NotedCareers.

This coming seminar is all about job rejections and what you should do about them. A job rejection is not a fun experience, however, you can benefit from each rejection by asking for feedback to improve your job search.

The seminar will discuss what benefits you can gain from asking for feedback after getting rejected, when and how you should ask for feedback, what to do after receiving your feedback and have an open Q&A with our speakers to conclude the seminar.

Benefits of Working with Our Career Management Programs

Each Career Management Program with a Guarantee to Success is an excellent investment and a cost effective resolution for any professional who wants to achieve both personal and financial career rewards.

Our Career Management Programs providing:

  1. A structured and proven career coaching system involving a practical approach to job search and career development strategy
  2. A greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses to clarify your immediate career objectives and pathway.
  3. A discovery of your career options and career development paths to define your short, medium and long-term career objectives
  4. A complete coaching through all stages of your career kick-start, your career change or your career transition.
  5. A development of a long-term plan for ongoing career management
  6. A set of highly effective tools and resources for the success of your job seeking and career transitioning.
  7. A well-managed complete portfolio of “self-marketing” techniques, tools and methods to showcase your unique qualities and skills.
  8. Personalised support under no time-restrained contract through the challenging or critical phases including your probationary period.
  9. Be personally micro-managed by Australia’s experienced career management consultants.

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